SoyCAP: Soybean Coordinated Agricultural Project


Welcome to the SoyCAP site. The purpose of this site is to serve the soybean community, to publicize and document the development of a APGI-CAP proposal to USDA CSREES National Research Initiative Competitive Grants Program, in ~June, 2005.

 Description of USDA CAP program: (more information available at NRI: APGI)

The Coordinated Agricultural Project (CAP) awards are large-scale, multi million dollar projects intended to promote collaboration, open communication and exchange of information, reduce duplication of effort, and coordinate activities among individuals, institutions, states, and regions. The aim of the CAP award is to encourage maximum flexibility in applied plant genomics research. In FY 2004, the program intends to support one proposal for USDA's Applied Plant Genomics Initiative (APGI). The goal of the APGI is to engage the applied plant science communities, both public and private, and involve them in the application of genomic approaches to U.S. crop or forestry improvement. The APGI intends to concentrate applied genomic research on a single crop or forestry species each fiscal year rather than moderate investments in many plant species. In FY 2004, the CAP award is focused on large-scale rice translational genomics for U.S. agriculture. In subsequent years beginning in FY 2005, the APGI anticipates focusing support on a different plant or plants.

APGI-CAP Conference Held December 16-17, 2005: With funding from the USDA-NRI, an APGI-CAP planning conference was held in St. Louis, MO from December 16-17, 2005. Click on the SoyCAP Planning Meeting link below for further details.

SoyCAP Listserver established: In order to facilitate communication among the soybean community in preparation for the Planning Conference and subsequent proposal submission, a SoyCAP listserver has been established. Please click the Listserver Info link below to find out how to take part in these discussions. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.

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