Digital Biology Laboratory

Tools we Developed or Co-Developed

  • MUFOLD (protein tertiary structure prediction)
  • CodonO (codon usage bias measurement)
  • ComPhy (Genome Composite Distance Phylogeny for whole-genome phylogeney inferences)
  • DomainParser (protein structure domain partition)
  • EXCAVATOR (gene expression data analysis)
  • GeneFAS (gene function prediction)
  • MUPRED (protein secondary structure prediction)
  • Musite (prediction of both general and kinase-specific protein phosphorylation sites)
  • P3DB (plant protein phosphorylation database)
  • PolyPhy (Microbial phylogeny reconstruction with polytomy identification)
  • Primegens (primer design for microarray)
  • PROSPECT (protein structure prediction, also available at Bioinformatics Solutions Inc.)
  • ProteinDecision (protein identification using Peptide-Mass Fingerprinting Data)
  • Rnall /RnallViewer (RNA Local secondary structure prediction)
  • SoyKB (Soybean Knowledge Base: Web Resource for Soybean Translational Genomics )
  • SoyMetDB (The soybean metabolome database)
  • SpotLink (proteomics tool for organization and visualization)
  • Mosaic (Partition and display gene graph based on GO terms)
  • NOA (Network ontology analysis)
  • HPbase (a comprehensive resource for Helicobactor Pylori)
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