My name is Dongpeng Liu. I am currently a Master of Science in Computer Science student at University of Mizzouri in columbia, fortunate to work with Prof. Dong Xu at digbio lab. I received B.E. degree in software engineering (International class, honored) from Software College, Northeastern University (China) in June 2018. Starting from my second year of undergraduate, I was mentored by Prof. Ruiyun Yu.

My current research topics include machine learning, deep learning and their applications in natural language processing and bioinformatics (e.g. protein PTM site prediction).

I use linkedin. Please email me for my current CV. 

Publications: dblp, google scholar, 
Some projects: github.

Email: dliu at ttic dot edu .
Address: 1201 Rollins St, Columbia, MO 65201.

(2019-10) Our new server for post-translational modification prediction MusiteDeep is online now! On submission to Nucleic Acids Research.

(2019-6) Start an internship at Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago.  

(2019-3) Start a ML&tech remote internship at Automat Solutions, Inc.

(2019-1) Start a Teaching Assistantship for DATA_SCI 8630: Data Mining and Information Retrieval.

(2018-10) Attend 2018 Deep Learning Summit in Toronto, CA.

(2018-10) Our paper accepted by IEEE MSN 2018 (CCF-C).

(2018-06) My thesis: Design and Implementation of Indoor Localization System Based on Multi-sensor Fusion awarded the outstanding undergraduate thesis of Northeastern University, China.

(2017-11) Attend BIBM2017 in Kansas City, MO, present poster.

(2017-8) Start a Research Assistantship at digbio lab, University of Missouri!