My name is Dongpeng Liu. I am a computer science master student at University of Mizzouri in columbia, fortunate to work with with Prof. Dong Xu at digbio lab. I received B.S. degree in software engineering (international class, honored) from Northeastern University (China) in June 2018, mentored by Prof. Ruiyun Yu. My research topics include machine learning, deep learning and their applications, e.g. protein sequences Post-translational modification prediction and sensor (time series) data analysis.

I have linkedin. My current CV. (update 2019.03)

My publications: dblp, google scholar, some projects: github.

Email: dliu at mail dot missouri dot edu .
Address: 1201 Rollins St, Columbia, MO 65201.

(2019-6) Start an internship at Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago.       
(2019-3) Start a ML&tech consultantship at Automat Solutions, Inc.
(2019-1) Start a Teaching Assistantship in Data Mining and Information Retrieval, 2019SP.
(2018-10) Attend 2018 deep learning summit in Toronto. 
(2018-10) Our paper accepted by IEEE MSN 2018. 
(2018-06) My thesis: Design and Implementation of Indoor Localization System Based on Multi-sensor Fusion win the outstanding undergraduate thesis award of Northeastern University, China!
(2017-11) Attend BIBM2017 in Kansas City, MO, present poster.
(2017-8) Start a Research Assistantship at digbio lab, University of Missouri!