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Welcome to SpotLink WebSite !

SpotLink is the tool for organizing proteomics raw data. The data includes 2D gel images, Mass Spectrometry (MS and MS/MS), protein expression profiles and etc.. The data is collected after a series of proteomics experiment and categorized by individual spot on gel. The data of each spot will be embeded within several web pages and shown to public.

We provide following information at our site:

A. We provide the product introduction. In this part, users can get to know the function that the tool provided. A direct view of the interface will be also included.

B. We provide free download. The project is open source and the code is availbe upon request.

C. We provide the user's Manu, which can help users prepare their own raw data and make use of the tool for their own purpose.

D. We provide the contact information. Although we cannot guarantee our service we will appreciate your feedback and try our best.

E. We publish some data.






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