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Proteomics involves the analysis of complete set of proteins, such as identification or quantification of proteins, determination of their localization, interactions, function and etc.. During the course of experiment, data of various types are generated. These data need to be well organized for reference or further study. For this purpose, we developped SpotLink, which is a computer software for organizing proteomics data. It produces web pages that makes the data available to public. The output of SpotLink includes 1, a clickable 2D gel page that link to different identified protein spots. 2, two styles of web pages that contains the detailed information. Style A is for the protein expression data in terms of different time stamp. Styple B contains a summary page for spot and two pages for PMF data and MS/MS data respectively.

1. clickable 2D gel page.

The clickable 2D gel page is shown in figure 1, led with the title for the electrophesis gel. When the computer mouse moves accross a spot, the spot number and corresponding protein name will be shown in the blanks. The spot is clickable, linked to the details page.




Example page


2. Style A

Style A is expression pages for individual spot like figure 2. the red line is the protein expression trend line; the green bar is the standard deviation for each expression.




Example page


3. Style B

Style B includes 3 pages for a single spot. The first page contains the detailed information for the spot like figure3 with 2 links at the bottom of the page, one linked to the second page - PMF data and the other linked to the third page - MS/MS data.




Example page for page 1

Example page for page 2

Example page for page 3


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