Additional resources on oxidative protein modifications

List of databases related to protein oxidative modifications

Database Link # of Proteins # of Sites # of Species Reference PubMed ID

Note: Oxidative modifications on: a. Cysteine, b. Methionine, and c. 15 (R, K, P, T, H, C, W, A, D, E, I, L, M, Q, and V) amino acids.

List of computational methods/tools currently available for the prediction of carbonylated proteins and sites

Tool Link Classifier Feature(s) Reference PubMed ID

Note: HMM - Hidden Markov Model; RF - Random Forest; SVM - Support Vector Machine; WSVM - Weighted Support Vector Machine. AAC - Amino Acid Composition; AAIndex - Amino Acid Index; AAPC - Amino Acid Pair Composition; ASA - (Solvent-) Accessible Surface Area; CHHAA - Composition of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Amino Acids; CKSAAP - Composition of k-Spaced Amino Acid Pairs; PSAAP - Position-Specific Amino Acid Propensity; PseAAC - Pseudo Amino Acid Composition; PSPM - Position-Specific Propensity Matrices; PSSM - Position-Specific Scoring Matrix; PWM - Positional Weighted Matrix.

Please cite:

Rao RSP, Zhang N, Xu D, Møller IM (2018). CarbonylDB: A curated data-resource of protein carbonylation sites. Bioinformatics 34:0-0 (doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/bty123).